Sexual Health and Relationship Education    

The Sexual Health And Relationship Education (SHARE) program is an abstinence based sexual health curriculum that is being offered to area schools by the South Texas Pregnancy Care Center (STPCC) of Seguin. STPCC is a pro-life, faith based non-profit organization.  However,  the separation of church and state is carefully respected during the instruction delivered in the schools.  The SHARE program is based on scientific and medically accurate information.
The SHARE program is aligned with the Health TEKS and meets the TEXAS requirement for an abstinence-based curriculum.  The instruction is delivered over three days in a classroom setting.  Students participate in interactive skits, discussions and experiments.
The SHARE program will also provide data to school administrators and leadership as to the effectiveness of the program.  Students are given a pre-test before instruction begins and a post-test at the end of the program. The SHARE teachers and staff will disaggregate the data and furnish a report to the school.
If you are interested bringing the SHARE program to your school, please call us at 803-303-2151 for more info.